It’s all been done before – we know… Thing is, how do we interpret it? TtV does limit us in the sense that there are now a few unofficial rules, made more than anything, to give the flick TtV pool some consistency.Disassembling the cameras is a no-no, as is using photoshop to create the TtV effect (no longer a technique then, right?). It’s been fascinating watching how the standards have been set over the couple of years that TtV has become a tad popular and when you get down to it, TtV is no more limiting than using a basic camera. And we know what amazing images can be produced using the most basic of cameras.
What are we working with in TtV? When taking pictures it’s composition in square format, controlled edge blur using aperture and mastery of the contraption. Then possibly some PP work in photoshop or some other editing software, cropping, colour saturation etc. So throughout those steps, we make decisions (or not as the case may be) and each decision and action contributes to the final outcome. So these actions we take form our interpretation of the technique each and every time we complete an image.
It’s about wanting to do it, wanting to take photos, obsessive some might say but a passion like that usually delivers a unique interpretation. Valcox puts it well…”When you limit yourself and view the world in this wonderful, backwards way, then take day in the life photos, your own personality, and love for color and subjects comes out even when you’re not looking for it.”


~ by ttvblog on March 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Originality”

  1. i’m completely new at this but very excited about ttv. i just got my duaflex II today and i am psyched. looking forward to keeping up with your blog

  2. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t stop.. ask anyone! happy TtV’ing!

  3. hello, eventhough i don’t have a flickr account i found your group and loved every single ttv picture. you’ve inspired me and taught me a lot, and this blog is a great resource (i used to read you at the old blogspot url).
    so i guess just wanted to thank you for inspiring me and showing me a new way to channel my art.

  4. I’ve been shooting with the TtV technique now for about 7 months and love it. I learned about the technique while browsing photo books in Blurb and looked in Flickr at all the crazy contraptions that have been built so I could modify my own. It’s been fun and has kept my creative juices flowing. A good break from the ad photo world.

    Now I’m not knocking the TtV community because without them I would not have discovered this great technique but when you talk about the unofficial rules like disassembling the camera, what does that mean? You can’t take the viewfinder hood off? Is this just for the TtV group on Flickr? If I did that would it not be considered a TtV? If one did that how would anyone know?

    For me finding the TtV technique was like developing your first roll of film, pulling it out of the fix and holding it up to the darkroom light to see the magic. I have lived through shooting film and Polaroid and have evolved and embraced the digital world. No matter how one goes about it the TtV can be evolved into ones personal art. I hope that people don’t let rules hold their creativity back. Get out and just create…

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