TtV challenge in JPEG magazine UPDATE

Last day to get your TtV shots into the competition folks. Here’s a few of the entries so far…

— from frankensteinsbride1313

— from LindaScannell

— from Dave Dunne

— from zombie.lens


~ by ttvblog on April 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “TtV challenge in JPEG magazine UPDATE”

  1. It will be interesting to see how the editors select the final photos.

    This is my entry:

  2. I like pics with stories attached. Nice one. Yeah, I wonder that too… I’m hoping there’ll be some discussion afterwards detailing how they came to their decision.

    Another thing I wonder is if a Flickr user will win…

    Anybody know when the results are announced?

  3. really neat to see my picture pop up here. 🙂 this blog totally helps me through my work day. i love it.

  4. The editors over at FILE and JPG [and I shouldn’t fail to mention this site included] have a tremendous opportunity to define and help steer viewfinder photography towards that golden evening light.

    Of course, the flickr group, being the home to the pioneers, has initially shaped ttv and gave it the push into movement.

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