Can my TTV project succeed?

For some time now I’ve been keen to work on some specific photography projects. Until now, time hasn’t really allowed me the chance but that’s all set to change. My biggest bugbear regarding TTV is whether it has longevity as a technique. It’s challenging, considering I set the TTV blog up as I felt there was definitely something going on worth documenting. And now i’m here ready to face these doubts head on.
I’ve always thought TTV would work well with portraiture. I think the style adds a unique view of a person. Maybe that’s to do with the subject looking somewhat bemused when faced with a contraption for the first time. But that aside, all the little quirks that makes TTV what it is, brings something out of each subject. I don’t know what that is yet, but that’s half the joy of trying…
From scouring the discussions on the Flickr group, there are some who have used the technique for specific purposes or projects. Some have also had exhibitions which we hope to feature on the blog before too long. I guess it would be useful to get these highlighted and blogged so that we can see what has already been achieved, and in turn, this can give us ideas and inspiration to go forward with our own projects.
In a way, by writing this post I have answered my own question somewhat. I know that by documenting the technique and making it available to others, allows it to grow and develop and take it to a wider audience. Most of us are inspired by other photographers and I know many photographers have already been inspired by the likes of Mr E, Russ Morris etc. I guess i’m just looking at how those who take up the TTV challenge now and in the future, use the technique to forge their paths creatively, how we should document this and how others could benefit.


~ by ttvblog on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Can my TTV project succeed?”

  1. i think has longevity as a technique… the interest i get from my photos is great… i think digital has made taking good photos so easy that people want something new and TtV sticks out because of the border, the dust, the colours, the edge blur and the fact the images are square… maybe everyone has had enough of the “6×4” photo… look at how popular the holga and polaroid are on flickr… and the diana+ was re-issued at xmas…
    i have 11 TtV images showing at a gallery in the uk and the only common query i have is why the words are back to front!!! (i don’t flip the images)

  2. TtV portraiture does work well. I recently got a grant to set up a TtV portrait studio at an event, got 90 portraits that have all been received very well. I’ve also shown TtV images in galleries with great reception. There are so few of us shooting TtV that it is unique, quirky and different.

  3. I would have to agree that the technique, if used well by talented photographers, has considerable potential for longevity. The simple fact is that the very best images of the genre look great now and I believe they’ll still be worth viewing 50 years from now.

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