Damo Suzuki

Damo Suzuki

Originally uploaded by Moochin Photoman

Some great celeb TTV portrait stuff by Moochin Photoman. This is my fave of former Can vocalist – Damo Suzuki.


~ by ttvblog on May 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Damo Suzuki”

  1. Thanks very much. I have only uploaded a fraction of what i took during the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.
    I think i will be having an exhibition at some point in the future.

  2. Hey! My roomate played a show with him in Saskatoon, SK. I think there were only like 40 people there, but it was incredible.

  3. Wow!!!! he was just in Mexico City, playing improvisation for his project which i dont remember the name!! he’s awsome! He played with some artists from different mexican bands. He’s quite good. Great pic

  4. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

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